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2" Plastic Mesh Drain-Net Drain Strainer
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2" Plastic Mesh Drain-Net Drain Strainer



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A Drain-Net captures all the food scraps and solid waste that would otherwise clog your floor drains. Now you can get rid of all the dangerous (and expensive) chemical pipe cleaners in your kitchen and avoid those expensive calls to the plumber. This Drain-Net is 9" long and fits in most standard 2" drains. We have multiple styles and sizes to fit every drain need. Simply remove your drain cover and drop in a Drain-Net. Don't be fooled by the "dumb" dome strainer. It lets too much debris through and most of what it catches falls back into the drain when you remove it. Preventative plumbing has never been easier!


Drop into a drain and capture food, debris, and trash that would otherwise cause drain clogging

Eliminates flooded floors which can cause shutdowns, slip hazards, and health code violation

Prevents costly repairs to pipes.

Ideal for restaurants, hotels, commercial kitchens, and any facility with a drain!

Also reduces sewer flies and foul drain odors.

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